awareNet theme song

May 12, 2011 in awareNet by Anna Wertlen

awareNet is going to have its own song, soon!

The VSA asked Gabriel Spilkin to produce a theme song for the social network with a lot of different uses such as:

  • Being played in meetings and events.
  • A chance for the community to learn a thing or two about how a song comes together.
  • A chance for this community to partake in the actual creation of a song, and express some creativity,
  • And hopefully, enjoyed by YOU!

The production of the song will be logged and awareNet users have a chance to vote for their favourite music style and much more. They can leave comments and influence the song by suggesting lyrics or perhaps even singing.

We are very happy that we got Gabriel – a music and media professional – on board. Thank you very much for your engagement!

You can follow the process of the song production on awareNet and on SoundCloud.