Working for awarenet

You are interested in supporting us through your work and ideas? - That's great! Join our team and contribute your very own part to the awarenet story. Our volunteers have some insights for you:

"We know from our own experience how hard it is to apply for a voluntary year at the other end of the world. This is why we want to provide as much information to you as possible, so that you can make a decision based on facts instead of guessing.

Once you have applied for the weltwärts program and made it through the first telephone interview, you will be invited to an assessment center where all the candidates are again personally interviewed and their skills tested. After some time you will be informed if you can join the weltwärts program. The moment you realise that you will spent a whole year in South Africa is great - we can assure you this!

Once you are part of the SAGE Net. weltwärts team, you will attend a preparation seminar in Germany where you will learn a lot about South African culture and the organisation. In addition, you will meet our German team in Berlin and get informed about what the plans are for your year and what you will do. This will take place in May or June.

Finally, you will fly to South Africa in August  - a big day in your life! After having arrived, you will be introduced to the South African team and shown around our hub and the area. We will introduce you to everyone personally and really try to make your start as smooth as possible.

Your specific tasks during the year depend on your personal profession and/or interest: It can be training, marketing, public relations, event planning, fundraising, software development, hardware maintenance, developing this website and much more... In fact, working for the awarenet programme is so interesting because everyone has so many different tasks, but working together with the learners and actually using awarenet is always the highlight."