November 17, 2015

Village Scribe Association

VSA_LogoThe Village Scribe Association (VSA) is a local, non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Grahamstown, South Africa. We strive to improve computer literacy amongst learners and teachers in underprivileged schools as well as in the Joza Youth Hub to enhance social development. The VSA runs the awarenet program which provides free Internet access and computer literacy training to local residents.

The organisation was born out of Anna and Ron Wertlen's idea to create opportunities and jobs for the local population. The VSA has gradually emerged through the doings of many of its stakeholders and trustees, taking part in research, prototype building, governmental and international projects. We are convinced that education is the key to progress, change and employment. Investment in equal education is essential to stabilise the political and economical situation of the country.

The vast majority of learners leaving school in South Africa stays unemployed due to poor education. Although many schools have computer facilities, they often stay unused for various reasons, they are not connected to the Internet and teachers are not trained to work on projects with their students which might involve online research and exchange. Also, most of the learners do not have a computer or Internet at home. We believe that the ability to use computers and the Internet as well as good reading and writing skills are essential for success after school. Young people with such abilities have a better chance in life.

Our vision is to make access to human knowledge universal by exposing learners and educators to innovative information technology.

Our mission is to help bridge the gap of inequality in South Africa by introducing schools and individuals in historically disadvantaged communities to information and communications technology (ICT). With increased skills in the use of ICT for educational purposes we equip people with a tool whereby they can acquire knowledge and interact with the wider world on their own terms.