November 17, 2015


awarenet is an eLearning platform and social media tool that offers our learners a personal networking space, tools for blogging, online discussions and project work. They learn how to present themselves online, how to connect and communicate, how to upload pictures, create slide shows and videos. It is a secured space of collaboration and communication between the learners and their teachers.

Our trainers see their groups on a weekly basis. They work on various awarenet projects about health, music, sports, science, history and social services. awarenet projects combine online and offline work: Offline activities such as participating in sport events, organising public concerts, social engagements and the writing of newspaper articles are documented in wiki-style including multi-media and are discussed in blogs and forums on the awarenet platform.

Our coordinators further offer to install awarenet servers in existing school computer labs and give introductory workshops for teachers showcasing how to integrate awarenet into their day-to-day work and teaching.

The awarenet platform is developed in such a way that remote schools without Internet or with interrupted Internet access are able to train the use of social media in a save and secure school network. The awarenet software is open-source. The awarenet programme can be integrated at any school or after school training programmes. Since there are no costs involved for the software, awarenet offers many opportunities for learners and teachers as well as partnering NGOs in the educational sector.