November 17, 2015


Awarenet is an eLearning platform and social media tool that offers our learners a personal networking space, tools for blogging, online discussions and project work. They learn how to present themselves online, how to connect and communicate, how to upload pictures, create slide shows and videos. It is a secured space of collaboration and communication between the learners and their teachers.

The Awarenet staff, which includes the manager, intern and German volunteers work with learners from grade 8-11 with the assistance of Rhodes University volunteers. These are our core groups which have weekly sessions from Monday till Friday from 15:00. The learners are from the local surrounding high schools such as T.E.M Mrwetyana, Nombulelo, Kuthliso and Ntsika. We mainly offer these learners academic support, in which we have developed our own curriculum. We also offer learners lessons on media such as blog writing and producing news content. We have both online and offline resources for learners to engage with.

We also offer ICT workshops to teachers in surrounding schools where we have sessions in their computer labs, staff or media rooms using their teacher laptops. These are introductory workshops for teachers showcasing how to integrate ICT tools/techniques into their day-to-day work and teaching.