November 27, 2017

Rhodes University Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Office of Rhodes University is a central partner of the Village Scribe Association as they every year provide us with a number of student volunteers for our awarenet programme.

In recent years, Rhodes University has striven to make Community Engagement an integral part of their academic programme. They moved away from the stereotype of the university as an ivory tower engaged in academic debates aloof from practical reality. Through various activities connected to its Community Engagement it instead attempts to mould a university which is more anchored in the struggles, hopes, aspirations and cultures of the local community surrounding it.


We at awarenet are proud to be part of this programme and feel that not only do the Rhodes University volunteers make a big contribution to our organisation - the students also learn a lot about life from our learners.

Our CE volunteers normally spend at least one hour per week teaching the awarenet learners. Some volunteers are also engaged in the technical side of our programme helping us maintain databases and computer equipment. All student volunteers are transported free of charge to our premises at the Joza Youth Hub by the Rhodes shuttle.

If you are a Rhodes University student who wants to contribute to the awarenet programme contact us via our contact form or get in touch directly with the Rhodes Community Engagement Office.