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Learn more about our mission of bringing knowledge through IT for everyone
We believe, everyone should understand the Internet and have access to knowledge

awarenet is an eLearning platform and social media tool that offers our learners a personal networking space, tools for blogging, online discussions and project work in wiki style incl. multi media. They learn how to present themselves online, how to connect and communicate responsibly in a secure and safe space. Groups meet on a weekly basis and work on various projects about culture, health, music, science, history and social services, whereby online and offline work is combined. Projects lead to major local activities and events such as public concerts, sport days, newspaper articles and social engagements. We further offer to install awarenet servers in existing computer labs and give combined introductory workshops for teachers, in which we train general IT skills and showcase how to integrate awarenet into the curriculum or co-curriculars. The platform is developed in such a way that remote schools without or interrupted Internet access can use it as well as it also functions when offline. The awarenet software is free open-source. The awarenet programme offers many opportunities to learners and teachers as well as partnering NGOs in the educational sector.


We are a group of very different people united in the believe of a better future for everyone through IT
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Founder & Chairperson
Management & Finance
With awarenet, I want to provide opportunities to learners who want to learn, but do not have the tools or access to knowledge. I believe that we can change lives with education.
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Ronald Wertlen

awarenet is about spreading awareness, and bridging the education gap.
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Kjetil Torp

Awarenet helps me spread knowledge about the world we live in and the technology which sustains it. The most disadvantaged thereby acquire a tool to improve it.
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Richard Strickland

awarenet Development
Learning about computers and the Internet brought so much to my life, I want to help bring that same sense of excitement and possibility to young people who are still crossing the digital divide.
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Technical Support
Working with young people and gaining excessive knowledge about the world of technology and communication are my greatest aims.
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Dr Sarah Hanton

Coordination & Educational Advisor
I am keen to explore new eductional methods and ideas and I am committed to equality in education. What South Africa needs is good education for everyone.
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Craig Renaud

I am proud to contribute to the awarenet programme with my specific knowledge and I am happy to see the programme thrive.
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Lukas Hüneke

Training & System Administration
I am grateful for the opportunity to get a first hand insight into community work in South Africa. I hope I can make a positive impact by sharing my fascination for IT.
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Chiara Brendel

Training & public relations
I volunteer for the Village Scribe Association, because I think it’s a good way to show students the endless possibilities of working with computers.

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