Free SD Cards for the Community

One of Awarenet’s current projects involves the distribution of SD cards in the community of Rhini. These SD cards have been packed with audiobooks, learning media and other entertaining media for children and young teenagers. The goal of this project is to encourage the youth to read and offer them a free opportunity for extracurricular education.

Earlier this year, the project ran a test with 5 families with multiple children around this age. After successful results, we are happy to announce the second run of this project including around 150 families in the community. We recently met with some families to introduce the media that has been downloaded on the SD cards and to hand over some of the SD cards.

What makes this project so promising is, that the families will not just get the SD cards handed over but also get the opportunity to get help introducing the SD cards into their homes. Participants of our Talking Technology to Power project will be visiting thefamilies in their homes and will offer help by explaining how the SD cards work. This also allows us to see the results of this project and also hear from the families first hand how the SD cards influenced their lives so far and also allows us to know if there are any improvements we could strive for.


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