Social Employment Fund – part 2!

Awarenet has for the second year in a row been contracted to coordinate the Social Employment Fund among 17 non profit organisations in Makhanda! The project provides government funding for previously unemployed community members to work in a multitude of organisations which primarily work in the after-school sector; among other things helping learners achieve academic, sport and musical skills.  Overall 200 people are being employed in this round of the project which started in August and will last until the end of May 2024; 40 of these work at Awarenet proper while an additional 160 are being administered by Awarenet but have their workplaces in other organisations such as Access Music Project, St Mary's Development and Care Centre, Inkululeko and Child Welfare to mention a few.

Awarenet Social Employment Fund participants Nkosinathi Skeyi and Thamia Balakisi aiding school learners

We are happy that our long-time funder and supporter the Learning Trust again has shown us the confidence and trust to manage this demanding but impactful and exiting project which gives us the opportunity to both combat unemployment and to increase the resources offered to local school learners and youth.  It has been inspiring to see the employed participants of the project make use of their talents and abilities and also gain new skills for the larger benefit of the community. 


Robotics trainer and Social Employment Fund participant Kwanele Mgwigwi fifth from the left among school learners she trains in robotics and coding

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