Expanding the Robotics program in Joza

Awarenet has expanded the Robotics program to include twice as many Makhanda learners as before, going from 80 learners in 2023 to 160 in 2024.  The learners are from grade 6 to 9. The Robotics program allows learners to learn about simple coding by teaching them how to code a small robot to fulfil certain tasks. While introducing the program in the new classes of our partner schools we were happy to see that almost all learners were interested in signing up.
So far, our robotics program has included 5 primary schools: C.M Vellem, Tantyi Primary School, Cewu Primary School, Archie Mbolekwa Primary School and Makana Primary School and two high schools, Nombulelo and Mrwetyana SSS. The Robotics program has allowed some outstanding learners to obtain enough knowledge to participate in country-wide competitions. Besides that, the learners will also be able to participate in the in-house competitions we organize occasionally.
An addition for 2024 is that Awarenet now also are teaching grade 8 and 9 learners from the Ikamva Youth after-school program robotics and coding.
We are happy to deepen this partnership with Ikamva Youth – an organisation we already cooperate with around the Olico Maths program.

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