awareNet endorsed by the Eastern Cape Department of Education

The VSA proudly received the following endorsement letter from the Eastern Cape Department of Education (DoE):

Endorsement of awareNet Learner Based Social Networking for Schools in the Eastern Cape

This letter certifies that the Eastern Cape DoE, as represented by the Hon. MEC for Education Mr. Mandla Makupula, supports the use of the awareNet network for collaborative learning in our schools.

The reasons for usage of said network are:

  1. Secure learning environment learning about social networking and online collaboration
  2. Inter-school collaboration
  3. Improved learner enthusiasm and motivation w.r.t. learning
  4. Lower Internet costs, in general, at school
  5. Support for mesh networks, which allow circuits of schools to be connected and for these to have free networking within their circuit.

We also understand that awareNet is a product of the Eastern Cape, created by eKhaya ICT in conjunction with the Village Scribe Association NPO, and is a world first as far as distributed social networking is concerned. We are proud to support a local product in our schools and are confident that a partnership with awareNet will go a long way towards skilling our youth for the future.

Please, contact us if you or your school would also like to benefit from the mentioned advantages.

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