This year’s number of awareNet workshop themes just exploded!

On awareNet, you can chat with your friends, upload your photos and videos, fiddle with your profile page, write witty blogs or discuss controversial topics. If all of that becomes too boring, because you have done it on numerous other websites, you can start working on a collaborative project which will take you back to reality and make an impact on your life.

This year, learners can choose from a number of exciting projects that was never seen before on awareNet. In most of the cases, they will additionally meet and learn from professionals and/or go on fun outings.

  • “Science Rocks!”: Projects about Dinosaurs, Kaolin Mining or Plant Fossils around Grahamstown; outings to the Albany Natural Science Museum, the kaolin mines or fossil sites; presentation of projects on awareNet during the SciFest Africa.
  • “Run 4 Fun!”: Learners get physically fit and share their experiences on awareNet, compete with other schools against Rhodes University in a 5km Fun Run and win a medal.
  • Introduction to Software Development: Learners can program their own apps for awareNet and the best ones will go life.
  • “Chalk4Peace!”: Together with Sakhuluntu Cultural Group, a peace picture will be designed and chalked on a public space in Grahamstown.
  • Writing Workshops: Not everyone can write, but everyone can learn it! We collaborate with great writers who are going to inspire everyone who is ready for it!
  • Development of an advanced board game. More details later.

All of these projects will become educational learner-generated content and will be available to all awareNet users.

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