VSA’s awareNet system evaluated by Impumelelo

We can proudly announce that this Tuesday 07/02/12, the VSA was visited and inspected by Therese Boulle, one of the evaluators of the Impumelelo Social Innovation Awards. We handed in an application a few months ago and by sending an evaluator, Impumelelo signaled us that we made it into the second round.

So, we spent an exciting day with our evaluator presenting every aspect of the ECSPIRT Project which uses the awareNet system. We explained her the software and the system, we presented outstanding projects on awareNet, we arranged meetings with principals, teachers and learners of the schools that use awareNet and we discussed challenges and achievements with partners, volunteers and collaborators.

All in all, we believe that we left a very good impression which will be reflected in a very positive report by There Boulle to Impumelelo. We think that we could convince her that the awareNet system is a tool for poverty alleviation, that it is sustainable and has a social impact. It’s up to the other applicants now to reach up to us. If they show more impact than us they deserve to be awarded!

(We will be notified if we made it into the third round by the end of July 2012.)

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