The Glue – a sensational ending to our best international project on awareNet so far!

Our latest project on awareNet has touched a lot of hearts. And moved a lot of hips!

We take opportunities as they come, and this was an extraordinary one: The VSA was approached by Impuls, the Swiss Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, which supports The Glue, a Swiss a cappella band on world tour. The Glue is not only a young dynamic, ‘stubborn&openminded’ group of very professional voice artists, they are also interested in cultural exchange and mutual inspiration. So, they agreed to give a benefit concert for the VSA.

The VSA took the challenge to put this concert into a larger context and embedded it into an awareNet project. We involved two schools in Grahamstown, CM Vellem HPS and VGHS, and motivated them to cooperate via awareNet. For 6 weeks, learners researched, interviewed experts, wrote essays, practiced to sing, discussed all topics in the awareNet forums and presented what they had learned personally to their peers. The topics ranged from a cappella over the Science of Musical Instruments to Kaolin Mining and Plant fossils. (All of the projects will also be presented at SciFest this week.) Everyone was rewarded with a free ticket to The Glue’s concert on Sunday 11/3/12  – and was absolutely blown away by the “quality, savvy, handsomeness and humour of the artists”.

The following day, the artists visited CM Vellem HPS to get a better insight of the VSA’s work and really engage with the learners. They chatted to the learners and were shown what they had learned on awareNet followed by a presentation of their singing for which they had practiced together with Hleze Kunju. In the end, everyone sang together and the atmosphere was absolutely joyful – hard to say who was happier in the end.

The Glue and Verena Gauthier from Impuls thanked us many times for this intense experience. A lot of people had been involved; we also have to mention Denese Palm from Haricot’s Restaurant that started its theater lunch series with The Glue and provided a very special meal for them before the concert – a brilliant idea. We hope for more great collaboration in the future.

We are very happy that this event turned out to be such a good experience for everyone and also sincerely thank Verena and The Glue! We hope to meet you again one day – perhaps at the Art Festival 2013…?!

PS: Next shows will take place in Stellenbosch 13/3 and Berlin 5/5.

1 thought on “The Glue – a sensational ending to our best international project on awareNet so far!

  • Ideed, this was a wonderful experience for all of us. Ron and Anna responded to our offer to come to Grahamstown in a very open way and combined the visit of The Glue with their work for the schools and communities. All ressources have been brought together by them, to the benefit of all. It is a wonderful example for how we all should work and live together, to make the world a happier and better place for all.
    Thank you all very much , specially thank you Anna and Ron, this is just the beginning not the end of what we can do together
    Spring greatings and hugs from Switzerland
    Verena and The Glue 🙂

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