VSA in the SANGONeT Prodder Directory

The VSA is now listed in the SANGONeT Prodder Directory, the most comprehensive online directory about NGOs and other development organisations in South Africa.

Background about Prodder: Information and knowledge have become critical determinants of development and the driving forces behind economic progress in today’s competitive world. Access to credible information is a strategic prerequisite for the success of development projects and processes. It empowers decision-making and enables action across a wide range of development issues.

Mission of Prodder: The ultimate objective of Prodder is to highlight the activities of organisations involved in development work in South Africa. It provides a reference point for donors and other stakeholders that want to engage with the NGO sector and maps the scope and scale of NGO activities throughout South Africa.

Prodder is an integral part of SANGONeT’s NGO Pulse Portal which provides a gateway to the NGO sector in South Africa.

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