Learners working on awareNet during break time

Watch this, teachers of Grahamstown! More and more learners are so eager to join awareNet sessions, which are being held by our community coordinator Terri Penney, that they agree to have that session moved to their break time. Remember, these learners are pretty normal teenagers and just like all of them everywhere in the world they are mostly looking forward to the break when going to school.

But awareNet is fun, it’s communication and involves technology and features like blogging and watching educational videos. This is apparently more exciting than just hanging around the school yard. Specifically, we are talking about Nombulelo SS, CM Vellem HPS and Nyaluza PSS, sometimes also Ntsika SS. We are very proud of Terri and our programme.

A full class in the computer lab at CM Vellem HPS during the awareNet session at break time.


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