awareNet at Xinnovation 2012 — Xpitch — South African Innovation

While the rest of the world is moving its computing to the cloud … Sustainable infrastructure for education in rural areas needs awareNet technology or similar to provide a workable user experience.

In the software world, X has two central connotations, eXtreme programming (rapid design and implementation of software) and XML (XPath, XSLT, exsetra), technologies that are closely associated with innovation and the Web. The Xinnovations conference 2012 looked at smart ways to get computers to help people, mainly through the semantic web and the Internet. That is why Xinnovations fosters a close collaboration with the World Wide Web Consortium — the group that maintains web standards such as HTML. So it is no surprise that HTML5 was a focus of the Xinnovation conference. The topic of the Xpitches was “IT meets Society”, i.e. looking at how technology helps people, and I had the pleasure of pitching awareNet there.

The talk was very well received and won many hearts over in the 150 strong group of spectators. Many new contacts in the Berlin software scene were made. In trying to crystallise what we do into one coherent sentence, what Anna and I came up with was “Web 2.0 for all“. It was a great exercise trying to fit everything we do with awareNet into a single coherent sentence / thought. The audience was very enthusiastic about awareNet’s basic message – which is sustainable development through technology in the developing world.

You can see more information about all the pitches on the Xinnovations page, as well our pitch (in German) here:


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