The Equal Education Song Project on awareNet

A new, exciting project was started on awareNet. Learners from VG High School were inspired by their teacher and VSA trustee Sarah Hanton, who attended the SA Basic Education Conference in April this year, where the issues of unequal education were raised. We wanted to join the Equal Education Campaign and learners decided to compose a song to promote equal education amongst young South Africans, after they had already worked on a different project about equal education, which included a ‘Low Resources Day’.

The new project outlines the inequalities between the privileged and underprivileged schools. The aim of this project is to support minimum standards and norms being added to the South African constitution. VGHS learners decided to use the instrumentals of Rihanna’s We found love song and then asked learners from other schools to make a contribution to the song and the performance by adding lyrics or suggesting edits, whereby any language is acceptable except vulgar language. CM Vellem Higher Primary School joined in quite quickly and they even met in person to practice the song for the first time. Here is a wonderful outcome:

Contact us if you or your school wants to be part of this. We are happy to get many, many different schools on board.

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