VSA and awarenet at Online Educa Berlin

The VSA will present the awarenet programme at this year’s Online Educa Conference in Berlin (28.-30.11.12). The title of the Talking Heads Session is “awarenet: Educating Socially Responsible, Collaborative Minds” (29.11.12 at 2.30pm in room Potsdam III). Come if you are skeptical about social media in the classroom, but enthusiastic about cultural exchange. Try awarenet‘s safe social and collaborative approach! It gives you full control over your classroom-based outreach project.

Talking Heads Sessions are Show&Tell Sessions that “showcase the latest projects and products available in technology-enhanced learning. Standing at small bistro tables, facilitators in these sessions are offered a platform to display expertise and materials to a dedicated audience. Participants attending are free to move around the large room to visit concurrent Talking Heads Sessions. They have the opportunity to discuss products and projects of interest on a one to one, informal basis.”
We are looking forward to meet a lot of interested people and to hear their opinion and to exchange experiences and ideas.

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