VSA goes into Partnership with Inkululeko

The VSA has a new partner: Inkululeko, a Non-Profit Organization based in Grahamstown, whose mission is to empower youth in South Africa through supplemental education and opportunity. Through our current volunteer Sanele Ntshingana, we were introduced to Inkululeko, their work and their Head, Jason Torreano, who suggested to integrate the awarenet Programme into their own programme.


Matthew Kellen of Inkululeko describes their vision like this: “It is Inkululeko’s ambition to support the educational personal development of grade 8 youths from the impoverished neighborhoods of Grahamstown, South Africa. To best support their needs, we need to fill gaps in their education, support what is happening currently in their classrooms, and go beyond what is happening in their classroom to further develop concepts taught. To do this requires balancing what we provide our youths. The VSA is doing an excellent job of developing computer literacy as well as helping develop critical thinking skills.

By providing prompts that provoke a critical thinking response, we would be able to build computer skills as well as critical thinking skills. Our hope is that with the help of Terri-Lynn Penney providing occasional support, we could have our youths engage in the exciting projects and opportunities the VSA has to offer to take our youths beyond what is happening in the classrooms.”

We are very much looking forward to this partnership and believe that this is the way forward to a sustainable and effective use of awarenet. Thank you for your trust, Inkululeko.

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