SAGE Net. volunteers can’t wait to get started!

Two letter from Rieke and Antje, the two SAGE Net. volunteers who will start working with us in September 2013.

BildSage NET organised a seminar in June for the volunteers to prepare us for the coming year in South Africa. During this ten days we learned something about the history of South Africa and the mentality of the South Africans. Furthermore we get some informations about HIV/AIDS and the organisational facts, for example our flight datas. Beside this points we learn something about our projects and had to think about our role as a volunteer. But the most interesting was to discuss with the other volunteers about our feelings, hopes and fears for the coming year. The Exchange of ideas with the other youths help me to get new ways of thinking.

I’m really looking forward my time in Grahamstown, because I am very excited to make new experiences. In my letter of motivation for the application by sage NET I wrote something about my wish to try in the next year to fulfill the motto „Learning together“. Because of this I hope to learn to know many new ways of thinking from the students and teachers or to make other experiences. On the other hand, my wish is to support the village Scribe project and to get the opportunity to bring my experiences and ideas. Rieke Heitmüller

Antje_smallAt the beginning of June I took the train across Germany to Bad Breisig, where the preparatory seminar for my voluntary service took place. For 9 days I lived there in a wooden hut and got to know the other 28 volunteers. The employees of SAGE Net, which is my sending organisation, provided a varied program for us every day. In open debates, presentations and small group works we devoted attention to various issues like the history and culture of South Africa and discussed amongst others our role as volunteers and the sustainability of our voluntary service. Through the seminar I developed a greater awareness of global connections and my pleasant anticipation and motivation are increased. We had a wonderful time there and I met new, nice and lovely people during these 9 days.
I was particularly delighted to see Anna, who came such a long way to meet us in person. By talking with her I received an impression of the project in Grahamstown and was very impressed by everything that has been done. She showed us pictures of the partner schools and projects like the Youth Fun Run, the Scifest and the awareNet Peace Day. I really loved the awareNet Peace Song!
I’m hugely looking forward to see you and I can hardly wait to come to Grahamstown. I really hope that I can support the projects of the Village Scribe Association actively and that we have a great time together. I’m already very excited and enthusiastic about my trip! Antje Hering

We are also very much looking forward to your help, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Thank you for your commitment.

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