Minutes and Reports of the VSA AGM 2013

The Annual General Meeting of the VSA took place on Tuesday, the 17/12/13 at 7pm, German time, in Berlin and Grahamstown, which were connected via skype.

Minutes of the VSA Annual General Meeting


Attendees (Anwesend):  Richard Strickland (RS), Terri-Lynn Penney (TLP), Antje Hering (AH), Rieke Heitmueller (RH), Anna Wertlen (AW), Ronald Wertlen (RW)
Begin: 19:04 CET
End: 20:02 CET
Minutes (Protokoll): Ronald Wertlen

1. Welcome:

All present were welcomed.
Excused: Craig Renaud, Sarah Hanton, Christoph Flügge, Judith Flügge, Andrea Flügge-Ahlers, Heiner Wiekenberg, Sabine Wiekenberg, Amanda Sue McPhail, Jan Baekelandt, Michael Appelt, Nikola Rass, Rudston Cullen.

2. Annual report presented by Anna Wertlen as according to the powerpoint slides that are available with these minutes online.

Slide01 Slide02 Slide03 Slide04 Slide05 Slide06 Slide07 Slide08 Slide09 Slide10 Slide11 Slide12 Slide13 Slide14 Slide15 Slide16

More detailed reports about the awarenet projects were presented by TLP, AH and RH: awarenet projects_report 2013.

  • AW: To slide 15: the situation in the current SA office must be reported if it is uncomfortable.
    Currently there is enough room and all is well in the rooms.
  • AW: To slide 16: Anna will write a follow up email to Rhodes University because of the excellent collaboration with the Department of Journalism and Media Studies regarding possibilities for 2014.
  • RS: Report on partnerships with other organisations:

All of the following organisations are very keen to work with awarenet or Khan Academy via awarenet at the following institutions. We have been in regular contact with them during 2013 and have made good technology progress so that we are well positioned to enable them in 2014:

  • IkamvaYouth:  their computer lab in Joza Youth Hub not functional – functional in 2014
  • Joza Hub: has a computer lab (damaged by storm) – functional in 2014
  • Alexandria High School – functional in 2014
  • St. Mary’s Day Care  – functional in 2014 with RU volunteers and OLPC hardware
  • Fort White: don’t have a computer lab but are very enthusiastic and resourceful, plan to start in 2014.

There are also several contacts via CSIR work which are less definite.

3. Road Map for 2014:

  • TLP: first 3-4 weeks of the school year are very slow
  • AW: no independent projects before SciFest, instead all work on the same project for SciFest.
  • AW: perhaps all the trainers should be independent so that more learners can work on the SciFest project from different angles.
  • TLP: mentioned that the volunteers are getting driving lessons so that they can drive in Joza.
  • TLP: awarenet fun run earlier in the year this year.
  • TLP: Peace day project must be done while Antje and Rieke are present in 2014.
  • TLP: Wrap up of the project, recordings etc. are easy so they can happen afterward.
  • AW: The next volunteers will then arrive after the concert.

4. Miscallaneous:

TLP: The Christmas Party was great fun.
AW: AW and RW will be in Grahamstown in Easter!

5. Thanks and Goodbye.
Special thanks to TLP for coming in during her holidays.

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