The VSA AGM and Annual Report of 2017

VSA AGM 2017 – Minutes

  • 24.07.17 18 pm
  • Martin-Luther-Str. 78, 10825 Berlin, Germany
  • 6 Durban Street, Grahamstown, 6139, South Africa
  1. Welcome and excused

Delayed start at 18:38 pm due to technical problems.


  • Anna Wertlen
  • Ronald Wertlen
  • Kjetil Torp
  • Chiara Brendel
  • Lukas Hüneke
  • Sarah Hanton


  • Christoph Flügge
  • Judith Flügge
  1. Treasurer’s report



  1. Annual audit of the South African VSA

The South African VSA was successfully audited for the financial year 2017.

  1. Discharge of managing board

The management board was discharged.

  1. 2016/17 project report











  • Less activity on awarenet.
  • The reasons for this are the following:
    • Power Point and Word were introduced to learners, less time therefore used on the awarenet platform
    • Grocott’s articles were at times written using Word not only on the platform
    • Less groups in the awarenet program
    • Many sessions held outside the classroom during the community engagement term when social video documentaries were made.
    • Sessions being canceled due to organisational and technical problems at the schools.
  • New ideas how to increase activity despite the new technologies to be listed by the team:
    • One learner from each group documents the project on the platform when activities don’t take place on awarenet.
    • Technical improvements on the awarenet platform; currently e.g. writing articles for the Grocotts more time-consuming on awarenet than in Word.


  1. 2017/18 roadmap



  • Regular meetings with the trustees, e.g. every quarter.
  • First meeting about new board members for example.
  1. Miscellaneous

Anna and Ron will probably visit South Africa again at Easter 2018.

  1. Closure

at 20.10 pm

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