Awarenet’s Food Parcel Drive

On the 18th of August 2020 Awarenet staff delivered food parcels to its learners at their homes. The Learning Trust was responsible for the donation of the food parcels and it was then coordinated by Ms. Anneliese Maritz from the Lebone Centre. Awarenet had a total of 28 beneficiaries which included more than half of our core group learners. We had asked all of our learners if they needed help with food at home and that’s how we managed to identify the 28 learners who needed some help. The food parcels include: potatoes, onions, carrots, rice, oil, sugar, salt, among other things. The learners and their families were very excited to receive the parcels and their parents could not thank us enough. We are hoping to continue this collaboration together with The Learning Trust and The Lebone Centre in the foreseeable future because there is clearly a need for this community service.

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