New grade 8 core group for 2021

On the 1st of February 2021, we welcomed a new grade 8 core group. These learners were in grade 7 in 2020 and we recruited them using the open lab register. We asked learners if they would be interested in getting academic support and computer skills and those who showed interest then signed up to be part of this year’s grade 8 core group. These learners will be starting at different high schools in the surrounding area including Mrwetyana, Nombulelo, Ntsika and Kuthliso.
In our first session, we helped the learners get Google accounts because we often use tools such as Gmail, Google doc and Google spreadsheet to deliver our lessons. Most of these learners were comfortable using the computer because they had already been exposed to using computers via the open lab. We are very excited to have the new group of learners as they seem very enthusiastic and they show a great deal of potential.


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