Thozi’s January news

Thozi Ngeju works for the VSA and is the community coordinator for the Grahamstown-Rhini region.
He teaches awareNet to the learners at various different schools in the township.
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"So far January has been slow because of the holiday. However, I’d like
to note that this should be a very busy months, in terms of
preparation. I need to contact the Grahamstown schools that I’d worked
with already – Nathaniel Nyaluza High School, Mary Waters Hoer Skool,
Benjamin Mahlasela Secondary School, Fikizolo Primary School, C.M
Vellem Primary School, Ntsika Secondary School, T.E.M Mrwetyana
Secondary School and Nombulelo Secondary School. It would be nice to
carry on from where the learners and I had left off.

There were those schools that I did not work with but who had shown an
interest (Ntaba Maria Primary School, Archie Mbolekwa Higher Primary
School and George Dickerson Primary School; and those (D.D Siwisa
Primary School) who, apparently, had computers but needed to find and
set them up in some room and get Internet connection. I have to find
out the progress on those.

Besides these, I have been working on the South African Quotations
project on awareNet that I don’t think I’ll ever finish because there are so many
books, periodicals, video clips and cassette tapes (with the help of
the Cory Library) that I need to browse through to say I went through
sufficient data for the project to deserve its title.

I also tried to start another project on awareNet about the township taverns in
Grahamstown. For the uninitiated, the definition of a tavern in the
townships is “a place where people can have a good time, get drunk and
listen to loud music from a jukebox”. But I met there too many former
classmates that have lost a sense of direction that it depressed me so
much I’m not sure if I want to work on the project anymore."

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