awareNet users rewarded with free attendance at the National Schools Festival 2011

This year’s South African National Schools Festival takes place directly after the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, from 10.-14.07.11. The Grahamstown Foundation sponsors 4 awareNet users and one supervisor to attend the Festival for free including meals. The VSA is very grateful and excited about this opportunity. Thank you very much!

The trick is that only grade 12 learners are allowed. The VSA usually does not work with grade 12 learners, because we do not want to distract them from their exams. But we found 7 awareNet alumni who are interested to do more work and have more fun on awareNet. 7 learners means that they will have to compete for the 4 available tickets. They will be given the task to report about the National Arts Festival in their own way, but regularly and somehow interesting and catchy on awareNet for the other learners to read and comment.

At the last day of the Arts Festival the 4 best learners will be selected – perhaps we let the other awareNet users vote which reporter they liked best – and then they can go straight into the next Festival. Look out for progress on this exciting project on awareNet!

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