Who is Inyaniso, our new partner for awareNet?

It’s time to give you some background about Inyaniso, our new partner for awareNet. I am just going to take some information out of the Grocott’s Mail, the Grahamstown local newspaper (the 19/07/11 issue), because I couldn’t find any electronic information yet.

Inyaniso (‘the truth’) consists of the two artists Zukani Melikhaya and his nephew Melikhaya, born and bread in the Raglan Road area (I’m not going to ever call it Jacob Zuma Driva area!). Initially performing kwaito they turned to HipHop and started collaborating with sound and recording engineer Corrine Cooper to produce the first album ‘Inyaniso’ which will be released later this month. (Find them on YouTube and awareNet.)

The album is intended to spark discussions about social issues from drugs and alcohol to corruption in governmental offices. Zukani strongly believes that HipHop needs a good message and should not just entertain and motivate people to party while they live a miserable life. It is this statement that impresses the Village Scribe Association and that makes Inyaniso the perfect partner for awareNet. Together we want to fight ignorance, phlegm, bad education and unemployment which results from the former.

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