Impressions of the Peace Day Concert

Last year’s biggest awarenet event was definitely the Peace and Music Concert at the 28th of September. We created a video showing the performances of all 5 groups on stage. The background song is the winner song of Ntaba Maria Senior Primary School. It was recorded by Corinne Cooper from the Rhodes University’s Department of[…]

Recordings of awarenet HipHop Songs!

In February, the Village Scribe Association had to face a new and complicated challenge: the recordings of last year’s Peace Day songs. As most of the groups which participated in the September Peace and Music Project were in the last year of their school, we had to find them in their new schools.  As they[…]

2016 with awarenet – A Year in Review

The last year might not have been a good one for the world, but it definitely was a good one for awarenet and the Village Scribe Association. Some general facts about our work: As usual, we conducted awarenet training throughout the year and carried out various project. To showcase the use of our awarenet platform[…]

Let’s sing and dance for peace!

The awarenet Peace Day Concert took place at Noluthando Hall on the 28th of September. Since August, our awarenet students have been busy creating their own lyrics, melodies and choreographies for the annual Peace Day Concert. Corinne Cooper from Rhodes Music Department and Zukani Budaza from Sonic Art Studio taught the children musical skills and[…]

Get The P(arty)MP Started!

It’s this time of year again! It’s time for our annual Peace Day Music Project! Five schools will once again participate in what will be the greatest event of the school year! In cooperation with the Rhodes University Department of Music and Musicology represented by Corinne Cooper and the Sonic Art Studio represented by local hip-hop[…]

OUT NOW: The awarenet Peace Song Collection 2014 + Music Video

We finally finished shooting and editing the music video of 2014’s winner of the Peace Day Song Concert. Our learners put lots of effort into lyrics and performance and we are super proud of them. Check it out! Also, we finally finished the production of the awarenet Peace Song Collection 2014 CD. Click here to listen[…]

The Peace and Music Project – The last four Years

During the last four years we have hosted three awarenet Peace Day Concerts with five different schools participating every year. All songs were originally written and rapped in isiXhosa or English, with lots of time and effort going into composing, rhyming and practicing for the big concert. Participating schools were Mary Waters HS, Nombulelo SS,[…]

Recording the awarenet Peace Songs at Rhodes University

After the great success of the awarenet Peace Day Concert, Sonic Art Studio and us started to organise the recording of the five different awarenet Peace Songs in the Rhodes University’s recording studios. The use of the facilities was a donation of the Department of Music and Musicology to the awarenet Peace and Music Project. During November, all[…]

The 2014 awarenet Peace Day Concert a great Success!

We are very happy and proud that our 3rd awarenet Peace Day Concert was another great success! For this year’s Music & Peace Project, 5 different groups of awarenet learners worked hard to write a song to a new backing produced by Corinne Cooper (Rhodes University’s Music Department). Schools participating were CM Vellem HPS, Good[…]

awarenet CDs are produced and were given out at the launch party

All the songs of the awarenet Peace Project 2013 are recorded and the CDs are produced. Congratulations! The CD was released on the first day of the Grahamstown Arts Festival 2014, on Thursday, the 3rd of July 2014 during a small celebration party for all people involved and our partners, supporters and friends. The event[…]