OUT NOW: The awarenet Peace Song Collection 2014 + Music Video

We finally finished shooting and editing the music video of 2014’s winner of the Peace Day Song Concert. Our learners put lots of effort into lyrics and performance and we are super proud of them. Check it out! Also, we finally finished the production of the awarenet Peace Song Collection 2014 CD. Click here to listen[…]

Cut! Music video shoot with the winners of the awarenet Peace Song Concert 2014

On Friday, November the 13th, we shot the music video with last year’s winners of the Peace Song Concert. We picked up our learners from Khutliso Daniels and drove to various locations in the Township and central Grahamstown to shoot several scenes in many different places. We spent our lunch break in the Botanical Gardens where[…]

The Peace and Music Project – The last four Years

During the last four years we have hosted three awarenet Peace Day Concerts with five different schools participating every year. All songs were originally written and rapped in isiXhosa or English, with lots of time and effort going into composing, rhyming and practicing for the big concert. Participating schools were Mary Waters HS, Nombulelo SS,[…]

The 2014 awarenet Peace Day Concert a great Success!

We are very happy and proud that our 3rd awarenet Peace Day Concert was another great success! For this year’s Music & Peace Project, 5 different groups of awarenet learners worked hard to write a song to a new backing produced by Corinne Cooper (Rhodes University’s Music Department). Schools participating were CM Vellem HPS, Good[…]

The second awarenet & LifePlayer Project

On the 25th and the 27th of March 2014, Antje Hering and Rieke Heitmueller visited the DSG (Diocesan School for Girls) private school in Grahamstown to give the learners the chance to be part of the awarenet & LifePlayer Project. Here is Rieke’s report: “The LifePlayer project is my first own awarenet project. I am[…]

SciFest 2014 Review

by Antje Hering and Rieke Heitmüller Village Scribe Association and eKhaya ICT members Terri-Lynn Penney, Rieke Heitmueller, Antje Hering and Richard Strickland with help from CM Vellem, Ntaba Maria and Victoria Girl’s learners presented the awarenet programme at the Science Festival Africa 2014. awarenet is a new interactive education and communication platform for schools, designed[…]

The Live’s Magic and awarenet Love Campaign

On Friday, the 14th of February – for most people also known as Valentine’s Day – we arranged a Campaign “Spread the love” in conjunction with an organization from Cape Town “Live’s Magic” which campaigns for a good environment and respect between people. Their idea was to spread love by inspiring people to hug each[…]

What have the awarenet learners done with the LifePlayer?

In association with the British Council and the Department of Basic Education, we are running an awarenet project at VG High School to generate language learning materials for rural and disadvantaged schools in South Africa. A LifePlayer is a portable, wind up and solar powered radio and MP3 player, designed for use in underdeveloped countries[…]

VSA presents awarenet at SciFest along with the British Councel’s Life Player

We proudly announce that awarenet will be presented to the public at SciFest for the second time. The Science Festival in Grahamstown starts today and is ends next week on the 19/03/13 – plenty of time to have a look at the learning network, to login and explore the features and content. You will also[…]

Very successfull&lively launch of the awarenet Peace Song Collection CD

The awarenet Peace Song Collection CD is out and distributed to all the participants of the project. The VSA organised a launch party to celebrate the event appropriately and thank everyone wholeheartedly who was involved in the awarenet theme song project. Terri-Lynn Penney organised the event (Fr, 1/2/13 at Nombulelo SS hall) and invited awarenet[…]