The Live’s Magic and awarenet Love Campaign

On Friday, the 14th of February – for most people also known as Valentine’s Day we arranged a Campaign “Spread the love” in conjunction with an organization from Cape Town “Live’s Magic” which campaigns for a good environment and respect between people. Their idea was to spread love by inspiring people to hug each other.

About 1000 children from four schools in Grahamstown attended to the project.  Early in the morning, Terri- Lynn Penney, Antje Hering, Rieke Heitmueller and Nosie Mahlaba Ngqwala from Rhodes University Community Engagement started at Good Shepherd School.

Nosie_Good Shepherd 02

Our ideas was to paint red and green hearts on the cheeks of the children.


They had banners with the words “SPREAD THE LOVE” and “FREE HUGS”,, They were shouting “Spread the love”, singing and dancing. We took photos and interviewed a few of them.

Spread the Love_Good Shepherd

Rieke_C.M Vellem
The students were very excited about this project, especially the little ones. Our grade nine awarenet learners from the C.M Vellem School helped us painting the kids the smaller grades, so that everyone got a heart on their cheeks.
Furthermore, all the students wore casual clothes in the colors of red and white instead of their school uniform.

To complete this project successfully, we have let some students write blogs about the “Spread the love” project.
We had a lot of fun!! 🙂
Terri_Good Shepherd

PS: And here the article in the Grocott’s Mail:


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