New faces on the board

The Village Scribe Association Trust, which runs the awarenet program, this year received a welcome injection of fresh blood and ideas through the election of Clement Simuja and Gerald Accom to its board of trustees.   The awarenet program first became aware of Clement after hearing about him single-handedly running computer classes for teachers and[…]

Cut! Music video shoot with the winners of the awarenet Peace Song Concert 2014

On Friday, November the 13th, we shot the music video with last year’s winners of the Peace Song Concert. We picked up our learners from Khutliso Daniels and drove to various locations in the Township and central Grahamstown to shoot several scenes in many different places. We spent our lunch break in the Botanical Gardens where[…]

The Peace and Music Project – The last four Years

During the last four years we have hosted three awarenet Peace Day Concerts with five different schools participating every year. All songs were originally written and rapped in isiXhosa or English, with lots of time and effort going into composing, rhyming and practicing for the big concert. Participating schools were Mary Waters HS, Nombulelo SS,[…]

awarenet CDs are produced and were given out at the launch party

All the songs of the awarenet Peace Project 2013 are recorded and the CDs are produced. Congratulations! The CD was released on the first day of the Grahamstown Arts Festival 2014, on Thursday, the 3rd of July 2014 during a small celebration party for all people involved and our partners, supporters and friends. The event[…]

The 2nd awarenet Peace Day Concert

We can proudly announce that the second annual awarenet Peace Day Concert took place and was a huge success. Some people might complain now that Peace Day is on the 21st and not on the 18th, but to keep the peace and to make people happy, we decided that the 18th had to be the[…]

The awarenet music and peace project 2013 has started!

This week was the first week of our music and peace project on awarenet which will lead to the Peace Concert on Peace Day in September 2013. Terri-Lynn Penney, the awarenet coordinator in Grahamstown, accepted the participation of 5 schools, namely CM Vellem Higher Primary School, Good Shepherd Primary School, Mary Waters High School, Nathaniel[…]

Very successfull&lively launch of the awarenet Peace Song Collection CD

The awarenet Peace Song Collection CD is out and distributed to all the participants of the project. The VSA organised a launch party to celebrate the event appropriately and thank everyone wholeheartedly who was involved in the awarenet theme song project. Terri-Lynn Penney organised the event (Fr, 1/2/13 at Nombulelo SS hall) and invited awarenet[…]

awarenet Peace Song Compilation CD Release Party

This week, the VSA will officially release the awarenet Peace Song Compilation CD in South Africa with a big Release Party in Grahamstown. The event will take place on Friday 1/2/13 at 2.30 pm at Nombulelo Hall in Joza. Invited is everyone who took part in the awarenet Peace Song Project in 2012 and a[…]

A generous donation leads to an official awarenet CD release party!

The VSA has received a generous donation by an overseas member to produce another 100 awarenet Peace Song Collection CDs. This means that every participant in the awarenet Peace Song Project will receive their own copy, and the rest can be used for advertising our programme and hopefully to attract more funding to repeat the[…]

The awareNet Peace Song Music Video

Today is Peace Day! Exactly one year ago, the awareNet Peace Day Concert happened in Grahamstown, South Africa, in partnership with Peace One Day, who will tonight give another huge Global Truce 2012 Concert in London, UK. Subsequently, Corinne Cooper and Lunga Heleni from Sonic Art Studio recorded all 5 schools’ songs about Peace and[…]