Very successfull&lively launch of the awarenet Peace Song Collection CD

The awarenet Peace Song Collection CD is out and distributed to all the participants of the project. The VSA organised a launch party to celebrate the event appropriately and thank everyone wholeheartedly who was involved in the awarenet theme song project.

Terri-Lynn Penney organised the event (Fr, 1/2/13 at Nombulelo SS hall) and invited awarenet users, teachers, other NGOs in Grahamstown and the press.The crowd was excited, music was played and everyone danced and mingled. During the ceremony, a speech was given by Terri-Lynn Penney. She also played the songs and showed the music video by Mary Waters HS. Then, CDs were given out to all involved in the project.

IMG_0438 (Medium)

Learners from VG High School with their copy of the CD. Copyright: Stephen Penney, Grocott’s Mail

During the course of the project, an independent HipHop group formed at Nyaluza PSS called Teen Legacy. They were also given the chance to perform for everyone and showed off what they had learned since then, followed by Inyaniso, the senior HipHop band that taught the awarenet learners last year how to perform and rap. Everything was very exciting, the launch a great success!

The project will be repeated this year, starting after the Arts Festival in July to bring learners on stage and perform on Peace Day, 21/09/13. Contact us if you would like to participate with your friends or your learners!

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