The 2nd awarenet Peace Day Concert

We can proudly announce that the second annual awarenet Peace Day Concert took place and was a huge success. Some people might complain now that Peace Day is on the 21st and not on the 18th, but to keep the peace and to make people happy, we decided that the 18th had to be the day for us, and that everyone will get the chance to marvel at the online documentation of the concert on the 21st. We hope you like the compromise. 🙂 Here is the report, written by our two new German volunteers Antje and Rieke:

awarenet Peace Day Celebration 2013

On 18th of September the awarenet Peace Day Celebration took place for the second time in Grahamstown. It was a wonderful event! More than 100 learners from 5 schools in all presented their own Peace Day songs to 400 visitors. Corinne Cooper, along with Sean Devonport and Tsukudu Moroeng, students of Sound Technology at the Dept of Music and Musicology composed the backing music for them. The learners aged between 12 and 15 wrote the lyrics of their songs by themselves and practiced them with Terri-Lynn Penney, Lunga Heleni and Zukani Budaza for 7 weeks. Sanele Ntshingana and Neo Koza from the Rhodes University lead the audience through the concert. Groups from Nathaniel Nyaluza Secondary, CM Vellem Higher Primary, Mary Waters High, Good Shepherd Primary and Ntaba Maria Secondary schools competed to perform the best Peace Day song. The talent was incredible! The presenters introduced the concert together with one of the special guests – the local Kwaito artist, Syanda. The competition was followed by a spontaneous dance performance from one student of the CM Vellem HPS, the presenters and some people from the audience. After that the celebration was successfully completed by the award presentation. Composer Sabastian Jameson, master student in ethomusic cology Nicole Germiquet and Hip Hop specialist and composer Tsukudu Moroeng, who also performed on stage, judged the performances of the learners in six categories. The certificates for the best male and female rapper went to Azola Jela from Nathaniel Nyaluza Secondary and Asiphile Vena from Good Shepherd Primary school.

Best Male Rapper Best Female Rapper







For the best performance the judges chose CM Vellem Higher Primary school and the certificate for the best Peace Day song lyrics went to Nathaniel Nyaluza Secondary school.

Best Peace Day Performance (1)Best Peace Day song lyrics








Brandon Williams from Mary Waters High school gave a special performance. He performed alone and won the certificate for the best overall performance by an individual. Finally Ntaba Maria School won the first price for the best Peace Day song 2013.

Best Peace Day song (3)Best Peace Day song (1)




They will record their own music video! Certainly the other schools won’t be left out in the cold. All songs will be recorded on a CD. Corinne Cooper of the Dept of Music and Musicology will record and produce the CDs at the department’s recording studio. As a special guest Siayanda, the local kwaito artist who a few years ago won the best music award of Cacadu district, performed at the competition. All in all it was a completely successful event for all of them!

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