Daksha Naran joins the awarenet team as project coordinator

Hi I’m Daksha Naran, I recently joined the awarenet team as a project coordinator. My main role is to develop an ICT skills learning and training program for school teachers. My interest in working with teachers comes via my passion in teaching natural sciences. As there are many exciting teachers support sites, creative and fun[…]

10th Anniversary of the VSA

On December 3 in 2008, the Village Scribe Association vzw. was first founded in Belgium by Anna and Ron Wertlen along with Amanda McPhail, Jan Baekelandt, Christoph Flügge, Antonio Gulli and Robert Tolksdorf with the following intention: To envisage, conceive of, use, and support modern, innovative information and communication technologies to help people in the[…]

Rhodes University students share skills

Rhodes University students have been active this year sharing their skills and knowledge with awarenet learners in our brand new Learning Lab. Through its Community Engagement program Rhodes University sent us a group of students who come every week to teach our core group of grade 9 learners. This group of learners have been selected[…]

awarenet lecture for teachers at Rhodes University

On the 10th of July, Kjetil from the VSA team held a lecture and practical session for students who participate in the part-time Bachelor of Education in Information and Communication Technology programme at Rhodes University. These students are full-time teachers who a few intensive weeks of the year are trained by Rhodes University’s Professional Development[…]

Rhodes University awarenet Lecture

Recently I held a lecture at the Education Department of Rhodes University about the awarenet platform and how it can make it easier for teachers to integrate ICT in a classroom setting. The audience was a mixed group of aspiring yet-to-become teachers and a more experienced lot of old-time educators. The former group belonged to[…]

A business model for awarenet

René und Benjamin werden in ihrem Themenfeld “Social Entrepreneurship” einen Business Plan für ein Social Business erstellen. Beide studieren im 6. Semester Business Administration an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht in Berlin. In diesem Zusammenhang werden sie mit uns kooperieren und für awarenet ein Geschäftsmodell entwickeln. Ziel ist es, awarenet für Deutschland marktfähig zu[…]

awarenet cares about Health and social Development

What all includes a good health? More than 200 learners from more than 5 schools investigated this question and displayed what they found out on awarenet in one big project called The Health Promotion Project during the last 6 months. They were supported by their coordinator Terri-Lynn Penney and a wide range of volunteers, including[…]

The amazing awarenet projects of 2012!

The end of the year 2012 is approaching fast, so today I want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the amazing projects that were created by the users of awarenet. They range from health over drama to semiotics, music and equal education. Some of them are finished, some will be continued next term.[…]

A Masters Thesis about ICT in Collaborative Learning by an awarenet Champion

One of the awarenet champions, Mrs Funeka Jacob (teacher at Mary Waters High School) has recently started her Masters in “Investigating the Use of ICT in Collaborative Learning”. She is enrolled at Rhodes University and now researches how working in groups enhances teaching and learning, taking awarenet as an example. Mrs Jacob is a very[…]