eLearning Modules for teachers and trainers

Another exciting cooperation with University students has come to an end. This time, the VSA was approached by Prof Schoop of the Technical University in Dresden. His Faculty of Business and Economics offered to engage the students in a project that would help teachers and trainers in South Africa to enhance eLearning in classrooms.


The students under the supervision of Dr Tawileh have developed eLearning Modules for three different scenarios (life orientation, natural sciences and economic and management sciences). In online eLectures, they explained in detail what steps have to be followed by the teachers to prepare, execute and evaluate the modules.

The VSA will now use the modules to develop a training course for local school teachers. It will include the use of awarenet and other electronic tools and how to integrate such tools into the curriculum and co-curricular activities. Such skills are widely wanted in our community – we have just contacted all the local schools and received a long list of interested teachers and principals.

At this point, we would like to thank the students, Dr Tawileh and Prof Schoop for their hard work and exceptional social engagement. We are very grateful for the professional outcome and will make sure that it will be put to good use.

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