Our Cultures: South Africa versus Germany

In the first term of school we decided to do a project called “The cultural Differences between South Africa and Germany”. Schools involved in this project were C.M Vellem HP, Good Shepard PS, Khulitso Daniel SS and Ntaba Maria PS. During the time we worked on this project, blogs were written about favourite traditional South African food, favourite South African sport and favourite South African Sportsmen/women.


Good Shepard PP prepare the German Hot dogs


Pictures of German and South African food including traditional clothing of South Africa and Germany was added to awarenet where the learners had the opportunity to chose their best traditional food and traditional clothing picture and comment on them. Forum Questions were also discussed about African food versus German food, their favourite sports person and different greeting terms. The learners thoroughly enjoyed searching on Google different images of Germany and writing a little piece of their favourite German image.


C.M Vellem HPS playing soccer

To end of the Project of Cultural Differences between Africa and Germany, Ntaba Maria PS dressed in traditional Xhosa dress code. They played traditional isiXhosa Games, sang a few songs in isiXhosa and also did German Hip Hop Dancing. The C.M Vellem learners opted to play Soccer and Netball. Good Shepard thoroughly enjoyed making German hot dogs, preparing it and finally do the tasting. Lots was learned between the cultural differences between South Africa and Germany.


Ntaba Maria PS doing traditional dancing

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