Rhodes University students share skills

Rhodes University students have been active this year sharing their skills and knowledge with awarenet learners in our brand new Learning Lab. Through its Community Engagement program Rhodes University sent us a group of students who come every week to teach our core group of grade 9 learners. This group of learners have been selected to be in our support program until the end of their school career in grade 12, the long-term goal is to increase their ability to access higher education, the job market or other post-matric opportunities. The Rhodes students play an integral part in supporting the core group by conveying both computer and academic skills to our learners.

Unfortunately the academic year is coming to an end and we will therefore like to thank the 2018 Rhodes Community Engagement student volunteers for the brilliant support they offered our program.

Xiletelo Mabasa is doing her honours in journalism. She shared her knowledge about journalism, among other things teaching our learners how to conduct an interview.

Ben Sturgeon is a postgraduate student in philosophy who also has a degree in computer science. He introduced our learners to the many websites for educational support ranging from maths to history and also taught the learners something about coding through the use of some fun coding games.

Siphesihle Nocanda is doing a major in Statistic and Information Systems. She introduced our learners to the general set up of a computer and also presented different online and offline office programs.

Oscar Vilanculos is also studying journalism and has been with awarenet for the longest period of the current volunteers. He focused on helping our learners with improving their vitally important writing skills and how to engage critically with the internet as a research tool.

A big thanks to all our Rhodes University student volunteers from us and our learners!

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