awarenet October holiday fun!

The awarenet team were busy doing fun things in and around the computer lab at the Joza Youth Hub this October school holiday!

School holidays mean a lot of free time. Instead of laying in bed all day kids from our local area were invited to join our media workshops in the Joza Youth Hub.

Tuesday last week we started with a basic introduction to our computers. We showed them how to use the mouse and keyboard and how to open a document and insert pictures. Basic computer skills can be learned by just trying things. Having a little introduction helps children dealing with the computer wisely.

On Wednesday the children created their own radio show. With the help of some external microphones and headphones they became news speakers, reporters and music hosts. They even created their own music for the show.

Wednesday we offered a photography workshop for the learners. It was fascinating to see how much joy the young participants could have when creating their own pictures. The workshop became possible thanks to camera donations received from Germany. 

We ended the week with an awesome screening of a movie. More than 30 kids enjoyed watching Moana the Disney Princess on her journey to save her village.

Today the school term begins again. We already look forward to help the learners with their home work and their school projects while they use our computer and internet facilities.

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