10th Anniversary of the VSA

On December 3 in 2008, the Village Scribe Association vzw. was first founded in Belgium by Anna and Ron Wertlen along with Amanda McPhail, Jan Baekelandt, Christoph Flügge, Antonio Gulli and Robert Tolksdorf with the following intention: To envisage, conceive of, use, and support modern, innovative information and communication technologies to help people in the developing world to become autonomous and financially independent.

With the help of computer and internet acces people can find jobs, applying for scholarships, finding information and develop interest in topics.

Now, ten years later, we can proudly look back at two more partnering organisations with the same name. The German VSA e.V. is a friends association supporting the South African VSA Trust financially and by placing German volunteers.

More than 700 users are registered as members who can use our computer labs. The premises of awarenet have developed into an afternoon space where children and youth can spend their free time and learn to use digital devices.

The VSA Trust has over the years developed the awarenet programme while constantly adapting to the current situation and needs of the community on site. A huge number of very dedicated people became involved and shaped the face of the organisation as well the content of the programme significantly. We are supported by a large number of funders and partners and recently became fully self-sustainable.









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