Rhodes University awarenet Lecture

Recently I held a lecture at the Education Department of Rhodes University about the awarenet platform and how it can make it easier for teachers to integrate ICT in a classroom setting. The audience was a mixed group of aspiring yet-to-become teachers and a more experienced lot of old-time educators. The former group belonged to the PGCE program where graduates from different fields learn educational theories and practises for a year before embarking on their teaching career; the latter group were practising teachers who study towards an Honurs degree in Education on a part-time basis.

In the lecture I shared the joys and frustrations of implementing our ICT program in schools in Grahamstown, the old-timers in particular said they could relate to many of the experiences our awarenet staff have gone through. The newbies on their side asked many stimulating questions, many were clearly eager to become future change makers in terms of making use of technology in South African schools.

Following the lecture I had a little session in the computer lab with the practising teachers; many showed great interest in introducing the awarenet platform to their schools. The offline function of the awarenet platform stirred particular interest; showing us that even in the era of WiFi on every street corner many schools still have a need for an educational platform which works without the internet.

session in the computer lab after the lecture

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