Daksha Naran joins the awarenet team as project coordinator

Hi I’m Daksha Naran, I recently joined the awarenet team as a project coordinator. My main role is to develop an ICT skills learning and training program for school teachers. My interest in working with teachers comes via my passion in teaching natural sciences. As there are many exciting teachers support sites, creative and fun learning and teaching resources available through the internet – it is essential to have teachers develop their familiarity with ICT and build their skills. So I am very keen to pass on my knowledge to teachers – and have started to develop lessons that help teachers navigate ICT skills from a very basic level. 

The advancement in ICT has benefits for both learners and teachers – it opens up a world of exciting opportunities that can easily be tapped into. Availability of resources of all kinds from teaching materials, lesson plans, quizzes, online lessons, videos and podcasts are being shared by many teachers across the world’s educational communities to strengthen, support and promote learning. I have immersed myself in this world and find it very inspirational, my mission is to share these tools with local teachers, and the first step is to empower teachers with basic ICT skills.  

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