New project intern joins the awarenet team!

My name is Zintle Vambe and I have recently joined the awarenet team as an intern for the school cooperation project which will feature different workshops conducted at various schools. I have always been involved in community development projects since my years at Rhodes University, where I got my Bachelor of commerce (Honours) degree.

As a learner from a historically disadvantaged high school (Mary Waters High School), I believe that the ICT school cooperation project will not only substantially benefit the teachers, but the learners also. There is an urgent need for ICT workshops in these types of schools because education is leaning towards using ICT for learning therefore everyone needs to start making use of the various ICT tools available.

I am excited to be working together with the awarenet and Joza Youth Hub team as a whole, as they are doing amazing work for the community in which I was born and raised. The ICT project is a pilot project which has been doing well thus far at Nombulelo High School, and hopefully its success will encourage the start of an amazing project with reach to all the schools in need for ICT skills workshops.

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