awarenet and LifePlayer Project successfully repeated

by Rieke Heitmüller “On Thursday, the 28th of August 2014, we finally reached the last phase of the LifePlayer project. Therefore Antje Hering, two Victoria Girls High School learners from the LifePlayer project (Siphosethu Mboleka and Yamkela Mcatsha) and I headed off towards Samuel Ntsiko Primary School in Joza, Grahamstown. For one hour in the[…]

The second awarenet & LifePlayer Project

On the 25th and the 27th of March 2014, Antje Hering and Rieke Heitmueller visited the DSG (Diocesan School for Girls) private school in Grahamstown to give the learners the chance to be part of the awarenet & LifePlayer Project. Here is Rieke’s report: “The LifePlayer project is my first own awarenet project. I am[…]

What have the awarenet learners done with the LifePlayer?

In association with the British Council and the Department of Basic Education, we are running an awarenet project at VG High School to generate language learning materials for rural and disadvantaged schools in South Africa. A LifePlayer is a portable, wind up and solar powered radio and MP3 player, designed for use in underdeveloped countries[…]

VSA presents awarenet at SciFest along with the British Councel’s Life Player

We proudly announce that awarenet will be presented to the public at SciFest for the second time. The Science Festival in Grahamstown starts today and is ends next week on the 19/03/13 – plenty of time to have a look at the learning network, to login and explore the features and content. You will also[…]