OUT NOW: The awarenet Peace Song Collection 2014 + Music Video

We finally finished shooting and editing the music video of 2014’s winner of the Peace Day Song Concert.
Our learners put lots of effort into lyrics and performance and we are super proud of them. Check it out!

Also, we finally finished the production of the awarenet Peace Song Collection 2014 CD. Click here to listen to it online. Therefore, on the 3rd of December, we hosted a CD and music video release party at the Joza Youth Hub. Learners from various schools attended and received their free CDs at the end of the event, which we all enjoyed due to good music, dancing and interesting conversations.

We would like to thank the Village Scribe Association, our partners Sonic Art Studio for their musical know how, the singing lessons and HipHop performing sessions, Corinne Cooper who worked on the backing, Rhodes University’s Music and Musicology Department for sponsoring the recordings, Michael Appelt and AppiAppelt Animations for producing and editing the music video and last but not least our sponsor VetVital for helping to finance the project. Working with you has been a great pleasure and we are looking forward to next year’s Peace Day Concert and maybe even a Best Of Collection of all the previous Peace Day Song winners.

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