Let’s sing and dance for peace!

The awarenet Peace Day Concert took place at Noluthando Hall on the 28th of September.

Since August, our awarenet students have been busy creating their own lyrics, melodies and choreographies for the annual Peace Day Concert. Corinne Cooper from Rhodes Music Department and Zukani Budaza from Sonic Art Studio taught the children musical skills and trained them to sing and perform.

It was a great time for the students. They learned a lot and were really proud of the songs they created.


Five groups from six schools took part in a friendly musical contest . The schools involved were Nombulelo Senior Secondary School, Archie Mbolekwa Public School, Good Shephard Primary School, Grahamstown Adventists Primary School, CM Vellem Primary School and Ntaba Maria Primary School.

Three judges decided which group would win the prize for best song, best performance and best chorus. In addition, the three best individual rappers were given prizes. The judges were Elijah Madiba, sound engineer at ILAM and hip hop researcher, Brent Shaw, composer and lecturer in sound engineering at Rhodes University and Nombasa, afro-soul singer who at the moment is producing her first album.


The concert started with guest artist Anam from the Access Music Project performing some popular cover songs. Nombasa, doubling in the role as judge and guest artist, continued the show by performing some of her own songs. Thereafter the groups of the schools performed their songs as part of the competition.  While the judges deliberated over who would win the prizes Siyanda, another guest artist, kept the nerves of the participants at bay by performing some of his own hip-hop songs.


At the end, Ntaba Maria Primary School won the price for the best song; they will be rewarded with a music video that we will produce and upload on YouTube.

Archie Mbolekwa Public School and Nombolelo Senior Secondary School were chosen for the best performance and Good Shepherd Primary School won the prize for the best chorus.

All songs will be recorded by Corinne Cooper and a CD with the songs will be produced.


Check the songs out on Youtube at our “awarenet” channel.

This is the winner group:


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