Progress report of SETA accreditation at the Rotary Club Pirna

The Rotary Club in Pirna funds our SETA accreditation, which we have reported earlier. We have started the accreditation process in March this year, of which Kjetil Torp was the driving force. He has produced and collected a remarkable amount of documents, which are required by SETA, the Sector Education and Training Authority in South Africa. They were all handed in on time for the evaluation.

This was a good time to prepare an interim report for the Rotary Club, which was presented by Anna Wertlen on September 28 during the regular weekly meeting of the Club members at the Romantic Hotel in the center of Pirna.

Click here for the full SETA Accreditation Interim Report for the Rotary Club Pirna

zwischenbericht rotary club pirna

We are currently awaiting a response from SETA which will be given after their evaluation. This will be followed by a site visit, which will hopefully take place in October, so that we can prepare for the first teacher training courses at the beginning of 2017.


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