VSA Memoranda of Understanding

Forging lasting relationships.

Within the scope of a professionalisation drive at the VSA, we are examining our relationships with close partners and making these explicit. The organisations that have signed and will soon be signing such agreements are close partners, Village Scribe Association Belgium-South Africa, eKhaya ICT and exPressive imPressions. The reason for these agreements are manifold:

* Formal agreements explain the organisational structure more clearly to potential funders.

* Avoidance of misunderstandings and expectation management are much easier to accomplish when one has a basic understanding of use of shared resources, as well as issues of ownership, etc.

* When drafting an MoU, one gets to think a little more deeply about how the relationship should look in the future.

We are very fortunate to have the wise counsel of our trustee Craig Renaud on such matters.

These memoranda of understanding are available to all members, and they may also be amended. We welcome any interest on your behalf.

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