VSA combines computer literacy with fitness

awareNet is the social network with unlimited possibilities. A group of learners has just started another great project, and they are incredibly motivated and enthusiastic. Under the friendly and professional guidance from Terri-Lynn Penney, our new community coordinator, a group of girls combines computer literacy training with running&fitness. How does that work?

The grade 9 group from Nombulelo SS in Grahamstown alternately meets to train physically and in the computer lab of their school. They use awareNet to write down their experiences after the first exercises or to draft out their personal goals for this project. Their can follow Terri’s blog about her running experiences and start their own blog. They can upload the photographs that were taken during the physical sessions and use them as their profile pictures and much more. At the same time, Terri uses awareNet to document her exercise program in a project, so that it becomes a teaching resource for other teachers. Learners can comment on it and add their own sestions, too.

The learners and awareNet users are so excited that they keep asking for more and more sessions per week, while many learners from other schools have basically stopped their awareNet sessions for this year – understandable as they are all writing exams. We have never met such a committed group before, and we are very proud of them and their coach! Their short term goal is to complete a 5km fun run early next year, their long term goals grow as they keep using awareNet, e.g. Silindokuhle Mtwa writes: “I want to achieve something in life!”.

The runners are sponsored by the Oak Cottage Quick Spar in Grahamstown (food donatons) and a number of private persons who donated running shoes (Samantha Ferreira, Farwa Mentoor, Natalie Ross, Pierre Jacobs, Marian Penney, Cathy Meiklejohn and others). Thank you very much for your community engagement!

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