Arts Festival Outcomes

During this year’s Arts Festival, awareNet users and Festinos had the chance to try out awareNet’s new scribbling tool for the first time. This scribbling tool makes awareNet even more creative and interactive. The young guests at our stand in the ASSITEJ Family Venue had a lot of fun:






We hope to see much more of this on awareNet once term has started again. Thank you again, Bea, for the idea and the co-operation.

Festinos also wrote a lot of blogs about the shows they have watched at the ASSITEJ FAmily Venue, and we gave out 8 daily prizes for the best blog. Here is an extract of one of them about The Eco-Woolf and the 3 Little Pigs:

The show was soooo cool and funny!!:)
The show told people that you must recycle to make the earth eco- friendly but if you don’t the earth will be harmed.
If you recycle your friends will recycle and that will be very good.
YOU MUST RECYCLE!” (Jess – She won a voucher sponsored by the Spur.)

If you are interested to also use awareNet, contact us, simply send a comment to this blog.

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