Presentation of awareNet at Schools ICT Conference in Cape Town

Dr Sarah Hanton, our new trustee, will be presenting awareNet to educators at Innovate 2012, the Schools ICT Conference in Cape Town this year (2.-4.10.12). Dr Hanton is a teacher herself (at Victoria Girls High School) and very involved in numerous awareNet projects in the past 2 years, e.g. about Equal Education, outreach projects involving CM Vellem HPS and Ntsika SS and many more.

Dr Hanton will be introducing awareNet’s new technology and possibilities to educators and discussing the importance and use of ICT in education. Innovate 2012 is an environment for teachers to network with other teachers and discuss the real issues associated with introducing ICT into lessons, using it as an effective teaching tool. Register now and get a hands-on introduction to the use of awareNet in your classroom.

awareNet is a free, open-source software and an educational platform, which is accessible to all learners, teachers and NGOs in the educational sector. Contact us for more information by replying to this post.

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